About me


As Consulting Director for ERFAHRENHEIT I mainly focus on the following topics:

  • Social Media & Storytelling
  • Mobile & Augmented Reality
  • BIG Data & Monitoring
  • Gamification
  • Civic Technology
  • Mobility

I am fully aware that most of these are buzzwords to most readers nonetheless I expect them to have a significant impact on how we will live in the future.

the last seven years

After leaving my own agency I worked in various positions and for a small number of companies including:

  • Bell Pottinger MMK & Harvard as
    Director Social Media
  • TLA - TeleLearn Akademie as
    Head of Social Media
  • Interactive Pioneers as
    Creative and New Business Director
  • uberMetrics Technologies as
    Chief Marketing Officer

During these years I also rediscovered my love for LEGO and explored this topic both from a hobbyist (Bricktopia) and business (BrickCamp) perspective.

earlier ...

Since about 1996 I held numerous positions and worked on many projects and tasks in the digital sphere.

Most notably I built, fostered and led an international team of experts (all of them gaming enthusiasts) with whom we developed software tools that helped thousands of players all around the world to create their own Ultima Online gaming servers.

In 2008 I co-founded one of the first social media agencies in Germany which I left about two years later.

Please also have a look at my Curriculum Vitae which is available on Slideshare. It contains more detailed information about my career, projects and brands I have worked on as well as testimonials from co-workers and clients.